Enginio - Digital Platform for Consumer Engagement

About the project

  • Category:Product Development (Webapp)
  • My Role:Product owner & UX Engineer
  • Tools and Methods:Figma, Asana, Product planning, Backlog prioritization, Wireframing, System flow, Customer journey, Business Canvas Model, Kanban/Agile methodology, Mobile design, Web design

I proudly present my contributions to Enginio, a digital platform dedicated to enhancing brand loyalty by providing a straightforward and effective way to engage consumers and cultivate lasting relationships. As a Product Owner, I was responsible for strategic planning in product development, which included gathering valuable insights from customers and stakeholders and prioritizing tasks within the product backlog. In my role as a UX and Service designer, I translated these insights and requirements into tangible wireframes and ensured that the organization had a clear understanding of their responsibilities. These wireframes served as a bridge, facilitating the smooth transformation of ideas into practical, user-friendly interfaces tailored to the specific needs of diverse target groups.

Moreover, together with the Product manager of Enginio, I took on the role of Quality Analyst, ensuring the integrity and effectiveness of implemented changes. Collaborating within a cross-functional team consisting of UX designers, front-end developers, and back-end developers where we collectively took the initial concept from its embryonic stages and evolved it into a fully-fledged product. This product now includes interfaces catering to both end consumers and brand clients, offering a comprehensive and engaging experience for all users.

Enginio can be found at se.enginio.io