Formloupe - MR Experience for Retail Stores

About the project

  • Category:Mixed Reality Experience
  • My Role:UX Designer, Interaction Designer
  • Tools and Methods:Design Sprints, Research and Analysis, Quick Prototyping, Tangible User Interface, Physical User Experience

Formloupe is a configurator-based experience that we created to simplify the process and enhance the experience of designing and ordering products in brick-and-mortar stores. Some potential use cases includes physical stores such as fashion stores, interior design stores, automotive industry stores, and more. The goal of Formloupe is to provide customers with an interactive and engaging experience where they can plan and design their rooms and furniture according to their individual needs and preferences, using a 3D AR touchscreen on a tabletop. The configurator experience is designed to stimulate the senses of vision, touch, and hearing, and can be placed in a physical store as either an exploration tool at the beginning of the store or as a planning tool later in the store.

The research for Formloupe was conducted over a period of six months, on a full-time basis, in collaboration with Daniel Roeven.