Fresty - Social Media Recipe App for Home Cooks

About the project

  • Category:App Design & Development
  • My Role:Product owner, UX/UI designer, communication
  • Tools and Methods:Figma, Trello, Design sprints, Agile methods, Design for Android/iOS, Wireframing, UX flows, User testing, UI design, Product packaging, Brand work, Backlog planning and prioritization, Communication activities

In collaboration with a group of friends who share a passion for food, we conceived and crafted a social media platform tailored for home cooks. This platform empowers users to curate and share their beloved recipes. The project and development of this app happened in our spare time as a hobby, not tied to any school projects.

Below, you'll find the app description that I personally crafted for both the App Store and Google Play Store, providing a concise overview of the app's rich functionality.


Fresty is the perfect app for those of you who love everything surrounding food! Cooking, eating, or just looking at it. With this app you can share your most glorious recipes or simply show friends what you had for dinner last night.

Fresty’s main features are:

  • Creating your favorite recipes with desired level of details, step by step instructions or a simple quick description. You decide!

  • Upload pictures of your finished dish but also showcase the recipe step by step through the recipe pictures stories!

  • Exploring the most popular trends in the home cook community through the Discover page where new groups are created only from tagged uploaded recipes. What is the most popular dish this week?

  • Quickly sharing your recipes with friends, relatives, or colleagues through direct links

The name Fresty comes from the swedish word “frestande” which stands for tempting or inviting. So what are you waiting for? Download Fresty and get inspired, or just get hungry!