Muffin or Chihuahua? - Machine learning for kids

About the project

  • Category:Interactive Game Exhibition
  • My Role:UX Designer, Interaction Designer
  • Tools and Methods:Quick prototyping, Wireframes, User testing, Video, Adobe XD

The Muffin or Chihuahua installation is an interactive experience aimed at inspiring younger generations to pursue a career in engineering through the introduction of technologies such as machine learning. It was displayed at the Universeum science museum in Gothenburg and received positive feedback. The installation is divided into three parts: an entertaining game where users guess pictures, an informative video about machine learning and neural networks, and a challenging game where users "train" a computer to differentiate between a muffin and a chihuahua. The project was carried out by a team of five designers, apart from my Interaction Designer role, I also had the responsibility of project management, overseeing project planning and making sure we met deadlines.

The installation was displayed twice at Universeum in 2018 and 2019. This is what our Universeum representative said about this exhibition:

"Very ambitious and professional looking exhibition that tackles a hard to explain subject. We are super impressed with your scope and finish."

Read more about this project on the project website.